Friday, July 29, 2011

Delete PerfSpot Account

To delete perf spot account you need send an email to 
The subject of the email should be 'Delete my Account', and You can write the reason as a message of the email or if you don't want leave it empty. But the most important thing you must remember while sending this email to perf spot that your email id must also be the perfspot login id because this is the only way for the perfspot to know that you are the actual owner of this account which you want to delete. Removing perfspot account may take few days.

Note: Unsubscribe link will not DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT. It will only remove your email id from their mailing address.


Hi there

I unsubscribed from perfspot some time ago. I noticed that my account info and pictures still show when I search my name. I tried to retrieve my password by submitting my email address but did not receive any reply. Is it because i unsubscribed?

How can I permanently delete my account? I did sent a few requests but did not receive any replies.

Please help!

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Want to delete my perfspot account how can i delete and also want to delete the catche of this from google search

Hello, Sorry for the late reply. Both of you just need to delete your profile as i mentioned in this blog and after that your account will never be show is the search...

will perfspot remove my account if i don't use it?

And the answer is no. Perfspot will not delete your account if you don't use it.

I forgot my perfspot password because I haven't opened it for over 4 years. I asked to get it recovered by writing my email address where to be emailed (with the one that I logged in before), which I did it more than 50 times maybe and I didn't get any recovery password from Perfspot team, neither a thing of them...
Please, I want to get my password, in order to close my account, or at least to delete my information.
Thanks in advance!

I've noticed that even if you change your profile information, search engines still show the old information from your profile. I hope this isn't true when you have completely deactivated your account.

I sent 3 emails till now asking the support to delete my account but I have not get any reply yet. I hope, and only hope I have, that Perfspot will hear my voice !!

Still waiting Perfspot to delete my account. Never ever register me again in this website.

Nonsense site... nothing is working properly inside it... wont u people provide proper way to delete the account ????

First of all change the procedure to delete a account permanent a.

I got a mail from the support team that they have deleted my account... However on googling my name i can still see my account.. will it take more time??

Please let it be deleted the my profile. Thank you Zsuzsa Bugár

Excuse me,but I annul the deletion of my profile. Thank you Zsuzsa Bugár

please delete my account ived been trying to recover my password but i forgot my email account for 5yrs nver used still it exist at google search its pls try to take it out on google seach tnx!

I have deleted my perfspot account some time ago. I noticed that my account info and pictures still show when I search my name on the website i.e without logging in. So I retrieved my account by them an email and its been done by the support team. Now i want to follow the same procedure of deleting my profile but this time it should be permanently removed. I dont want to take any risk this time, so i want to take advice before doing it.How can I permanently delete my account?

Please help!

Hello Everyone, before deleting your accounts please delete all your personal data from there, I mean delete all your pics along with your profile pic if you have original one there. Also delete all your information from your profile page if you mentioned there. I mean update or delete all your information which you don't want to share with anyone and then delete your account like mentioned in above post. So that if perfspot won't delete your account properly still there will nothing visible in your account neither your pics nor your personal data.

If you want to delete your account then you must need your perfspot logged in email id, If you don't have then they won't delete your account because of security reasons. Otherwise anyone can delete anyone's profile. Sending mail for deleting your account with your perfspot registered mail id means you are the authorized person of this account which you are going to delete.

I tried changing my private information and it keeps coming up with an error "Please fill out all the required fields", even if I have the Required Fields filled out.

I sent a message to with a picture showing the Required Fields filled out and the error, but they just ignored me.

Then I sent numerous e-mails for them to permanently delete my account and remove my private information from Public View, but they ignored me too.

Then I forwarded those e-mails to: ";;;;"

All the emails came back as "Delivery to the following recipients failed." The only email that worked was, but they always ignore me.

I think they are in financial problems so they don't want to lose subscribers. But, what they are doing is illegal. I want them to permanently delete my account and remove my private information from Public View. They should do it!!

Hi @Ty Zenker, If perspot is not deleting your profile then please try to update your personal with any fake information and delete your personal pics.. This is the only solution I can suggest you now because with fake Name, personal information and profile pic your profile will be almost delete as no one would be able to recognize as it is you...Hope it will help you..

I have 2 issues.
After changing my personal information, a google search still reveal the old information.
secondly, how do i change my other information such as education institute?

I have a problem that you or site administrator can solve.I have learned that I have e PerfSpot account when I search my name on Google.There is shown my informations,picture and group memberships that I don't approve of.I have never get that account.I want to delete this account and I don't want to seen on Google search.This is also really an illegal condition.I'm waiting for your help.

I am sick of getting mostly the phishing messages from scammers with obtained info on PerfSpot. I've deleted over thousand emails without reading them past several years. I have no faith in PerfSpot ever deleting my personal information on their site. I curse on PerfSpot every single day. I don't want to change my 15yr old email address cause of them. Wanta punch light out of these PerfSpot operating people who I think are also the scammers.

Hello everyone, im a student from phil, requesting to delete my account ived been trying to recover my password but i forgot my email account too, im not the one who made it,i never used this perfspot account but still exist, when you google search; "aira camagong" please try to take it out on google search. the link is: .in my bad case, my profile pic is too kiddie im so annoyed, i want to remove my past please! do all the best you can. im gonna expect and wait for it.. THANK YOU FOR THE ADMINS AND STAFFS

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please delete my perfspot account is my mail address.

Can't u see yo email address which u used to log on perfspot

Hey I am a girl, I created my account Perfspot 4 years ago , but today I needed to log on to it but I can't because I forgot my password. Please I need to help me. my email is : thanks

i never made an account in perfspot my real birthday do not even coincide with the one on that account i dont even put my own face as a profile picture!!!!!!!!!
im pissed off now!!!!
who are you!!!!
i never even knew that a perfspot exists!!!!
not until a googled my name!!!!!!
by the gods, remove my account will you!!!
how dare you!!!!

i've read in a French website that some users suggested to post nude pics on their account . I just did it (downloaded some pics from google images )we'll see if it works. I GREW tired of trying to delete my account for over a year now! i got hacked , i couldn't remember my password, now that i did i could log in and change my private picture. To me, it's not normal , you should be able to unsubscribe when u want to, you're free ! They only give u the possibility to stop recieveing emails from them and that's it ! And when u send emails to , they ignore them !!! I even sent emails to friends added by the site to help with technical matters. They pretended i never sent anything....


I am very worried i have seen my photo on perfspot which i uploded at the time of my college life....i am now a bit religious i need to delete my photos .... please help me out and let me know how and when i can not see any of my photo in google search engine ... my future husband will not like it for sure... thanks please help me .....??


I have also forgotten my password to my account, and upon requesting the password sent to my email address, i am yet to receive a response. I created this account when i was 17 years old, I am now 24 and would like to delete that account. I work in a professional field now, and I believe the pictures and information on that account to be inappropriate, should anyone google my name and view said account. I have read your solution above, so all i need is for my password to be resent to my email address and i will delete accordingly: assist me as soon as possible!!!

PerfSpot never responds to emails, is a waste of time sending them messages,even if you have a problem with your page, I said so because of my exp.with them, they don't responds to messages

Nice post! Glad that you like their service. I believe that treating the customer so politely makes them so comfortable with your services. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Keep posting.

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i did not leave perfspot i want my Account back my email is

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